Wisdom of the Guardian


The book will help you

use the source of your power to

improve relationships

release stress

solve career and money challenges

attain peace

and have a life lighted by love.

Dr. Joy S. Pedersen

Licensed Spiritual Healer, Certified Spiritual Health Coach, Channeler and Author of

Wisdom of the Guardian and

blog of channeled messages at Angel Enlightenment.





Wisdom of the Guardian

Treasures From Archangel Michael to Change Your Life

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Are you interested in how angels hear and answer your prayers? Then listen to the words of Archangel Michael as he communicates his messages to you through Dr. Joy S. Pedersen, a licensed spiritual healer.

Through automatic writing, Pedersen has channeled Archangel Michael’s thought-provoking views on life. Archangel Michael shares his spiritual wisdom on a wide assortment of topics, including how to improve your finances, relationships, and work. He also offers his advice for how to stop war, create peace on earth, and prepare for heaven on earth.

Using clear, concise language, Michael also offers insight into how angels communicate with human beings, listen to our prayers, and attempt to help us on a daily basis. In addition, Michael focuses on how we are often the solution to our own problems, but we fail to give ourselves enough credit to achieve our goals. He encourages us to use our inner strength to deal with life’s problems.

Archangel Michael’s recommendations guide you in making significant differences in your life, the lives of others, and the life of the planet. If you truly want change, the right job, abundance, loving relationships, and peace on earth while evolving as a soul in preparation for heaven on earth, Wisdom of the Guardian is your essential resource.